Blooms: a new way to look after your mental health

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The Bloom Movement is a social enterprise that has been spreading joy and happiness in the community by creating beautiful flower bouquets and then handing them out to strangers to raise awareness about mental health.

Founder and director of the Bloom Movement, Monique Wardley, explains that the idea came to her when she was going through a difficult time with her own mental health.

“I thought that a random act of kindness like giving a stranger on the street a bouquet of flowers would make me happy and make someone else happy too, while opening up the conversation about mental health,” Monique says.


“Initially people were shocked and asked me: why? When I explained what I had been going through, many people went on to tell me about their own struggles with mental health which either they themselves or someone they knew had experienced, “ she went on to say.

How it started

Previously a wedding and event stylist, Monique also runs floristry workshops as part of The Bloom Movement.

It was on a regular trip to the Sydney Markets where she noticed that many boxes of blooms were being thrown out after market day, even though they were still fresh and could potentially be used for community workshops.

bloomsMonique at one of her inspiring workshops

Monique set about creating a variety of new wellness workshops and professional development sessions where people could come together to learn the art of floral arranging and take time out for themselves.

Inclusive workshops

The Bloom Movement ran one of their inclusive workshops at Summer Hill House. The main purpose of these workshops is to provide an opportunity for people of all abilities to experience the healing properties of flowers to support their personal wellbeing.

“I wanted to create a space at Summer Hill House to evoke a feeling that was calming and nurturing, a place of happiness,” Monique explains. “Some participants could not express their joy in words but I could tell it was a very special experience for them.”

This story was first published on 9 October 2019 after Monique Wardley visited Summer Hill House.  

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