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Achieve Australia wants to support the creation of more inclusive communities for people with disability. We are working with state and federal governments to make this a reality.

We do not speak for people with disability but look to elevate their voices in all that we do.  

People with disability deserve an inclusive Australia

Achieve Australia is supporting efforts to create a truly inclusive Australia. 

In this new blog, I’ll be sharing how we do this every day in our programs and services. 

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Our Submissions

We are in the midst of the most significant reform opportunity since the inception of the NDIS. We can’t afford to miss this moment so we are finding new ways to raise the voices of people with disability to decision makers. This includes contributing to national discussions that will shape the future of disability inclusion and support.

Read our submissions to the NDIS Review and on the future of Disability Support for Older Australians. 

Our key projects moving into 2024 are:

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