Our Disability Inclusion Action Plan

How we are ensuring people with disability feel welcome at Achieve Australia

Welcome to our Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) 2024 to 2027. Our DIAP is Achieve Australia’s commitment to removing barriers to people with disability accessing our organisation with ease including as job candidates and employees.

Our DIAP links to our strategic initiatives to achieve impact as a diverse and inclusive organisation with a great culture and strong brand, and to build an engaged, professional, and contemporary workforce.

Achieve wants to attract the best people to our jobs at all levels of the organisation and to our frontline roles. To do this, we must ensure our workspaces, communications, technologies, and processes are accessible to everyone.


We have already taken significant steps in recent years to ensure Achieve is as welcoming and accessible as possible. Between now and 2027, our DIAP will drive further work building on 3 key pillars:


11010 - Our Places ICON
11010 - Our Voices ICON
11010 - Our People ICON

Our Places

The internal and external places where people work and visit.

Our Voices

The way we communicate with our teams and community.

Our People

Activity to attract great candidates and support employees with disability to succeed. 

Our Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP)

The DIAP was made available for review by colleagues with disability in a range of roles, other employees and our inclusion partner, the Australian Disability Network. Achieve Australia supports the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2006. Our DIAP is an expression of our support.