31 May 2024

Thank you to the hundreds of people who helped to make The Sewing Basket’s ‘Big Basket Sale’ a roaring success. We more than doubled our target in sales to help fund projects to benefit people with disability.  

People of all ages and skills descended on Marrickville Town Hall on Friday 24 May through Sunday 26 May browsing the different product areas, sharing stories of their creations and buying up a storm.  

A more passionate and warm community would be hard to find. From costume designers to families who sew and knit together and treasured customers who have shopped at The Sewing Basket since it began – we loved meeting you.  

It was also great to hear how many people enjoyed learning that The Sewing Basket is part of Achieve Australia and just one of the ways we bring inclusion to life for people with disability.  

A special thank you to all the volunteers who helped each day and to the Friends of the Sewing Basket and others that supported Achieve Australia to get the word out.    

We also loved having some special guests – The Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW, The Knitters Guild of NSW and The Embroiderers’ Guild of NSW.  

Thank you all.