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By Daniel Kyriacou, Chief Operations Officer

We are recruiting the next generation of human services leaders. So let me tell it to you straight – the reality of disability service provision is not what you see in the glossary brochures. 

I have watched the ads that portray working in disability services like it’s a walk in the park - literally. Everyone is smiling, the sun is shining, and support miracles happen daily.  

The reality is that disability support is a demanding career for frontline staff and their leadership team. It is messy and physically and emotionally hard. And, under the NDIS it has become more and more bureaucratic.   

The ads will tell you that all providers are “Person Centred”, deliver “Active Support” and are helping “participants reach their goals and independence”. Once again, the reality under the NDIS is that the relationship between participant and provider is often transactional and mundane.  

The NDIS is driving providers to continually cut costs and focus on delivering only the most profitable services. Many providers seem to simply want to grow faster and support fewer challenging participants.  

How Achieve Australia is different 

Achieve Australia has chosen to swim against the tide. We support people with disability who have complex behaviour and or clinical support needs to achieve autonomy and a sense of belonging.  

While everyone in the sector talks about providing “choice” we strive to give the people we support “control”.  

Our strategic plan is focussed on making Achieve Australia the leading provider in supporting people with complex needs. Our aim is not to deliver ‘best practice’ supports but rather to set the standard for service excellence.  

We do disability support differently. We have a unique multi-disciplinary support model that integrates a team of professional disability supports workers with clinically trained nursing staff within frontline NDIS services.  

We are taking the high road. Where others are cutting, we are investing. 

Achieve has invested in: 

  • creating Australia’s leading practice quality team 

  • embracing evidence-based service delivery  

  • being at the forefront of contemporary support models 

  • designing our services to ensure a flat management structure with smaller spans of control.  

We already have a talented team of disability leaders with us on this journey but have room for more.  

Are you the leader we are looking for? 

We are looking for the sector’s innovators. We want creative thinkers who bring energy, passion, and the ability to drive change. We are looking for leaders who don’t just identify challenges but who find solutions.  

As part of our team, we will invest in your learning. You will be part of a high performing team and be self-driven to perform. You will have the opportunity to grow and build your career.  

The job will not be all smiles, sunshine and walks in the park. It will be hard work and at times bureaucratic. And it will test you in a bunch of ways, but you will be supported to succeed.  

As part of our team, you will be part of something bigger. You will help define “what works” and be part of setting the contemporary standard for “Good Practice”. You will not only be part of changing the lives of the people we support in positive ways but be a driver of positive change to the sector itself.  

Are you the leader we need?

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