• Co-packing
  • Airline meal and cutlery packing
  • Food packaging
  • Supermarket ready packaging
  • Hand assembly of kits
  • Promotional assembly and display packaging
  • Shrink and flow wrapping
  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Mail distribution
  • Labelling and printing
  • Collating and packing

FMCG [Fast MovingConsumer Goods]

Food and drinks

Food and beverage businesses


Cosmetics companies

Printing house

Printing Houses



Marketing agency

Marketing Agencies

Life at AchievAble

“I like working here because I get to do all kinds of stuff. I get to pack bath salts sometimes and do the ‘rolling’ for airline meals,” says Lauren. “But I really like putting the woolly parts on the microphones.”

Meet Lauren who has been working steady, regular shifts at AchievAble Enterprises for over ten years now. You can read her story here.