Shifting community attitudes about people with disability

From getting out of bed to catching a bus to getting a promotion – to knowing that you will be last to be helped in a crisis – the perceptions, preconceptions and expectations of other people affect every moment of the day for people with disability. 

Getting up becomes a battle of wills, a hostile bus driver won’t stop, assumptions about capability may prevent advancement at work, people won’t look at you, or they stare. Shifting the dial in each of these scenarios has the potential to transform not only the life experience of an individual but also the expectations and functions of society. 

Why bother getting out of bed if you are going to have to fight to travel to a job where you are neither valued nor respected?

In partnership with people with disability and other key stakeholders, the Foundation is starting its work with a focus on cognitive disability. The Foundation is currently working with world experts in identifying and influencing mindsets and societal attitudes.

Without changing attitudes, we will not make sustainable progress in realising inclusion.

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All of society benefits when everyone has the chance to realise their full potential.