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Free and fun life skills courses for young people

My life, My say is a new program for young people with cognitive disabilities to increase life skills and independence, co-designed with young people who want something better for themselves and their peers.

The 6-week pilot is free of charge and starts in August 2023. People taking part will attend a session twice a week. 

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Casino NSW



Epping NSW

Travelling in the community

Travelling in the community

Seven Hills NSW

What is involved

The Achieve My life, My say program will support you to build your independence by developing or improving communication, self-advocacy and life skills, to live a good life.

You will learn new skills by using role-play, drama and practice in real-life settings in a social and fun way. 

You will build skills at a comfortable pace, with plenty of support and feedback so you can enjoy seeing your progress over time.

The pilot is free to attend and you may be able to access supports through your NDIS funding as part of your NDIS plan if available to help you attend the weekly sessions. 

You will be presented with a certificate of achievement when you complete your learning.

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How it works

Learn about you

Learn about you

Achieve works with you and people important to you to understand your interests and abilities, so that we can tailor
the program. 

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Build skills

Building skills through role-play and activities, you will use videos and feedback to develop confidence.


Practice in community

Skills are practiced in real-life settings in the community. You can do this on your own or in small groups with support workers.

Social celebration


Enjoy celebrating your new skills with your fellow students and people important to you.

The courses

Travel training
Moving out of home

Life skills for travelling in community

You will learn how to use public transport, including how to plan and pay for your
journey across different types of public transport.

Safety tips for travelling will be covered, including how to watch where you are
going so you get off at the right stop.

Life skills for moving out of home

You will learn about your options when moving out of home, including how your budget will affect these options.

Skills learned will include picking housemates,  furnishing your home, packing, moving, and unpacking your belongings. You will learn about getting the electricity and gas connected as well as shopping, cleaning, and hosting visitors.

Communicating by talking and laptop
People talking about advocacy

Communication skills

You will learn how to be a good communicator whether you are speaking in person, using a computer or talking on the phone. 

In person skills will include how to be a good listener, understanding other people, taking turns in a conversation, and what information to share with people.

When using a computer you will learn how to sign up for an email address, send and read emails, and what risks there are when communicating using email. Phone skills will include things like placing an order, or calling to get a timetable.


An advocate is a person who supports and stands up for you. You will learn what an advocate does and how to engage an advocate. Most important, you will learn how to advocate for yourself and this is called self-advocacy.

You will learn how to speak up for yourself.
You will learn about your human rights, what to expect from the NDIS, and your rights as a person with a disability. You will also learn how to use these rights.

Skills will include how to give feedback and make a complaint when needed.

The pilot

We are running a free pilot to test 3 of our courses. 

  • Life skills for travelling in the community will be piloted in Seven Hills, NSW
  • Communication skills will be piloted in Casino, NSW
  • Self-advocacy will be piloted in Epping, NSW

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Casino NSW



Epping NSW

Travelling in the community

Travelling in the community

Seven Hills NSW

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