More about our 3-step candidate selection process

Step 1. On-demand activity explained

 Shortlisted candidates will be sent a web link from our external partner Modern Hire and then asked to complete several activities on its platform. These activities are:

  • Watching a 3-minute video about Achieve Australia and what we do.
  • Reviewing a scenario before attending an online interview where your answers about the scenario will be recorded. You will have an opportunity to review your answers before submitting them for review. You can re-record your responses before submitting your answers for assessment.
  • Your last step is to read a task, think it through and type out your answer before submitting it for evaluation.
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Step 2. General ability assessment

After completing Step 1, you will then be sent a link to complete the General Ability assessment online.

The assessment takes about 10 minutes and involves a maximum of 12 questions. This test will evaluate numerical ability, linguistic ability, deductive thinking, and abstract reasoning.

Linguistic ability measures how you express yourself in written and oral form. Deductive thinking is the process of evaluating information to reach a logical conclusion. Abstract reasoning relates to how you understand concepts or ideas not tied to a specific experience, object, person, or situation.

You will have 3-5 business days to complete this assessment. Please contact us at if you cannot complete this assessment in the time you are given.

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Step 3. Online assessment Centre

Candidates could also be invited to take part in further activities via the Online Assessment Centre. We hold Online Assessment Centres twice a month. The HR Administrator will provide you with a date. If you are unable to attend the Online Assessment Centre on the date provided, you can request to attend on another date.

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