Inclusive Housing Australia



Inclusive Housing Australia (IHA) is a registered Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This means home hunters can use their NDIS SDA funding for their new home.

Finding suitable housing in the private market is difficult. Barriers are often presented through the detailed design of purpose-built homes, making it hard to find suitable accommodation to meets the needs of people with disability.

IHA provides a range of housing options so you can choose to live on your own, with a flatmate or housemates.


IHA and Achieve Australia

IHA is jointly owned by Achieve Australia and Leftfield Social Housing. While both organisations are run separately, they share a belief that inclusion for people with disability begins at home.

IHA and Achieve Australia support the NDIS philosophy that SDA services and Supported Independent Living (SIL) services be provided by separate suppliers. This enables people with disability to have more choice and control over where and how they live.

Increasing investment in SDA

IHA also provides a structured, innovative investment platform to encourage growth in fit-for-purpose design and best in class NDIS-accredited SDA.

In addition to attracting socially conscious investors, IHA consults with people with disability and a range of service providers as part of its work to create a sustainable supply of accommodation under the NDIS.

IHA has an existing portfolio of SDA properties and will continue to invest in these. 

What does fit-for-purpose design include?

Features of fit for purpose residences include features such as:

  • emergency buttons
  • sensors that recognise a resident’s movements and use of electronic devices in case of a medical or other emergency
  • sensor lights to for wayfinding without the need to touch a button
  • remote controlled temperature device for the heating/cooling system
  • push button communication technology to summon support when needed
  • seizure mats on beds that communicate with onsite support.