Reward and recognition

Annual performance planning and review  

Employees work with their managers on quarterly check-ins to assess their progress and address any challenges, so performance and support are directly linked. They also work together to conduct their annual performance review. These reviews are aligned to our organisational strategy and plans. 

Annual talent mapping 

After each annual performance review period, the leadership team plot the performance and potential of each of their teams including that of individuals team members. This identifies high performing staff to participate in leadership capability training. The benefits of Achieve investing in this training is immeasurable both for staff and the clients we support.

Achieve Australia’s Recognition Framework 

Achieve’s recognition program provides a range of ways to call out valued staff members for tenure, performance and their contribution to Achieve. 

We celebrate employee milestones, birthdays and work anniversaries with virtual trophies, gift cards and recognition letters from the CEO. We use a live recognition wall on Achieve’s talent management system that is accessed by all employees to show our appreciation for great colleagues. There are formal awards for example, Operations Hero of the Month, and the HR team (called the PPC team) the annual performance and culture excellence (PACE) awards. Staff, clients and families can nominate an employee for a PACE Award for their commitment to living the values and culture we hold dear at Achieve.Winners are acknowledged at a special event and receive cash, learning and development vouchers, trophies and certificates.