Learning and development

Building the capabilities of our workforce  

Our Workforce Capability Framework describes the key skills, knowledge and capabilities expected of our employees at every level of the organisation. The framework guides a consistent workforce structure across 6 core capabilities:

  • Person–centred practise
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Evaluation, observation, decision-making/problem-solving
  • Health, safety and crisis leadership/governance
  • Community inclusion
  • Personal qualities to support our passion, purpose and principles.

Management and leadership development

We pride ourselves on being a strengths-based organisation and so provide annual leadership training opportunities to employees to advance their careers at Achieve and beyond.

Employees identified as high performers participate in Achieve’s future leaders’ program, that offers them coaching and mentoring, special work projects to develop their skills and leadership training. We also provide a structured program of opportunities and training to our managers.  

Our learning opportunities, management and leadership development and employee engagement improvement actions are underpinned by the Gallup strengths methodology.  

Online learning and development  

Staff access a range of professional development courses and learning and training opportunities via the Achieve Learning Hub. This online hub ensures our team stay current with NDIS Practise Standards and delivering services the Achieve way. 

In 2020-21, Achieve introduced a minimum 2-day professional development refresher training for frontline staff. We also created more training to support clinical and behavioural skills development to support our clients. This professional development is aligned to the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Commissions skills descriptors and best practice. 

Achieve’s staff induction training for new recruits is largely delivered online. It includes our initial induction with additional modules covering a new employee’s first week and first 3 months at Achieve.Achieve’s key policy education and annual refreshers are delivered online. A range of ‘how to’ videos are also available via our intranet and our human resources platform provides new staff with support as well. 

Staff feedback informs learning opportunities 

Achieve cares about our workforce and the Achieve employee experience. We ask staff for feedback so we can continue to be a great place to work. 

One way we do this is through our Continuous Improvement Approach where staff are encouraged and supported to improve how we operate and deliver services to clients. Employees also tell us what we do well and areas where we can improve through our annual employee engagement survey, Let’s Achieve Impact!  

Some initiatives launched as a direct result of this annual employee feedback include: 

  • More learning opportunities including online so staff can join no matter their location 
  • Build on recognition framework by introducing annual awards and peer-to-peer recognition  
  • Changes to the management structure to better support our frontline staff.