Quality Champions 

How does it work?

As part of the program, we ask a series of questions about the disability services people receive and how people are supported to live a full life. This is led by a Quality Champion, who has a lived experience of disability, alongside a supportive Quality Champion Partner.


Meet with people who receive services from Achieve

The Quality Champions pair talk to our clients about their service experience with Achieve, current lifestyle, connection to community, and future goals.


Feedback is detailed in a report

The Quality Champions use client feedback to co-write a report and make recommendations. Support workers use this information to enhance and improve daily life for individual clients.



Check in to hear about progress made

 The Quality Champions pair meet with clients again to see how things are going. During the follow-up interview, the pair ask about the impact of any changes or improvements that have been made.

Why is the program important?


The Quality Champions program not only elevates the voices of people with disability to tell us about the quality of the services they receive, but also includes people with  lived experience of disability as part of the process.

A voice for positive change

Quality Champions

We have launched an innovative new peer-to-peer evaluation program for disability services called Quality Champions. The Quality Champions program employs people with lived experience of disability to talk to people who access Achieve services and supports.

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