Work life balance

Achieve provides multiple leave entitlements to let our employees know they are supported and valued in their personal and professional life. 

Our Leave Management policy sets out our paid and unpaid leave options for people planning families and managing key life events. The policy covers annual leave, sick leave, long service leave, bereavement leave, study leave, carers leave, ceremonial leave, family and domestic violence leave, religious leave and community service volunteering leave. Community service and volunteering leave is for staff who volunteer their skills and time to a known community or national service organisation such as the Rural Fire Service and the Australian Defence Force. 

Paid parental leave

We offer paid parental leave of 12 weeks for primary care givers and 2 weeks paid leave for secondary care givers. There are a few ways we can deliver this paid parental leave and we work with staff to accommodate their family’s needs where possible. This leave applies to those adopting a child under the age of 16. 

Study leave

Staff who have been at Achieve for a year can apply for paid study leave to undertake an accredited course related to their role. It includes a day of study leave and a day of leave per unit to sit an exam. 


Flexible working

We are committed to assisting staff to achieve their work, family, and personal goals. Flexible working arrangements for frontline staff means altering agreed rostering patterns when required. Corporate services can access flexible start and finish times, job share arrangements and work from home arrangements.